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Discover the perfect venue for your next event at Event Space North Shields. Located in the vibrant community of North Shields, our versatile event space offers a unique setting for a wide range of occasions. Whether you’re planning a corporate conference, a wedding reception, a birthday celebration, or a community event, our flexible and customisable space is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Planning an event can be challenging; we understand how it can be. A successful event is imperative for your business. For that reason, you need an event space that offers excellent spaces where you can network, communicate, and scale your company. These are the reasons it’s essential to find the right event space.

If you’re looking for an event space, we’re positive our event spaces are right for you. Our event spaces are all about you. For instance, if you’d like a bespoke space for your next event, we can take care of that for you! Just let us know what you need, and it will be done. Your event space will be set up and ready to go on the date of your event.

Are you looking for an event space that offers plenty of parking? We’ve got you covered there, too. You and your guests won’t have to worry about finding a spot and paying expensive fees to park. We have all the parking you and your guests will need.

We’re serious when we say our spaces and services are all about you!

What Comes with Our Event Space?

 We supply everything you need for a successful event. What does that mean? You’ll have access to our superfast WiFi, and telephony services. We also include plasma screens, flip charts, and more.

In addition, your event space will be climate controlled; however, the best part is that you’re in control of the temperature. You can change the temperature to make it warmer or cooler as desired. No one has to sit through an uncomfortably stuffy, warm, or too cold event. That’s because you’re in control of the temperature in your space.

Would you also like catering services? If so, we can help you there, too! We offer full catering and refreshment services, so no one has to be too thirsty or hungry during the event. Nothing is more distracting than being too hungry or thirsty during an event. You’ll have access to some of the best coffee in Newcastle! What’s more, we supply unlimited amounts of tea and more. If you have a longer event and need a large meal, we’ve got you covered there, too. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of it for you.

We go the extra mile to ensure you have everything needed to make your event a success. We offer these services with our event space in North Shields:

Complete flexibility

Our event space can be completely customised to your needs. Let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of it!

Catering Services are Available

If you’d like to serve guests refreshments or a large meal, we can take care of this, too!

Affordable solutions

We aim to keep our prices affordable and do this by keeping our costs low and as competitive as possible.


We’ll take of space set up according to your specifications. Everything will be set up and ready on the day of your event.

event space north shields
north shields event space

Why Use Our Event Space North Shields?

We’re always here for you. If you need anything, let us know, and we’ll take care of it right away. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent event space that comes with zero hassles. Whatever you need, we take care of it, so you don’t have to.

Our event space is perfect for all sorts of events, such as workshops, board meetings, and more. No matter the type of event you have, we’re always ready to help you, ensuring you have everything needed for a successful event every time.

What’s more, you’re in control of the lighting, the climate, and even the space branding. If your event would be perfect with company branding, we’ll ensure it’s done to your specifications. What’s more, you can even let us know where to place the furniture!

The day of your event, everything will be set up and ready to go. You and your guests can have a successful event in one of our beautiful event spaces.

space for events north shields
north shields space for events

Who Are We?

At Royal Quays Business Centre, we’re dedicated to providing amazing event space. You can expect us to work with you with complete honesty and transparency. And we do everything possible to ensure your event space is stunning and set up according to your specifications.

We understand you want your event to be a major success. So, we respond quickly to your needs and requests. We want to ensure you and your guests have the best event space and experience possible. And you can count on us to do this every time you use one of our event spaces.

In addition to event space, we also offer serviced offices, coworking spaces, and virtual office services. No matter what kind of space your business needs, we’re here to ensure you have an uplifting, inspiring space that boosts creativity and productivity. We’re here to ensure your success.

We’re sure you’ll love our location at Royal Quays Business Centre in North Shields. We’re located right in the heart of the Royal Quays in North Shields, Newcastle. The location offers additional amenities such as shops, restaurants, and more, just a short distance from the marina.
Our location also makes our location easily accessible by train, motorway, and public transport. You can even use the ferry to reach our business centre!

If you’re looking for the best event space, you’ve found it! Would you like to learn more about how we can make your event a success? If so, contact us today! We’re looking forward to arranging a tour for you and talking with us about how we can make your next event North Shields a success!

Local Amenities

Royal Quays Business Centre is located right in the heart of the Royal Quays in North Shields, Newcastle. Surrounded by shops, restaurants and other amenities, and only a stones throw from the Marina, we’re sure you’ll love coming to work here every day.


What amenities are typically available in event spaces for corporate use?

Amenities may include audiovisual equipment (such as projectors, screens, microphones), high-speed internet access, whiteboards or flip charts, catering services or kitchen facilities, comfortable seating arrangements, and dedicated event staff for setup and assistance.

How far in advance should event spaces for corporate use be booked?

It’s advisable to book event spaces for corporate use as far in advance as possible, especially for popular dates and peak seasons. Booking several months to a year in advance ensures availability and allows ample time for event planning and coordination.

Can event spaces accommodate special requirements or customisation for corporate events?

Many event spaces offer customization options to tailor the venue to the specific needs and preferences of corporate clients. This may include branding opportunities, custom lighting or decor, signage placement, and special setup requests.

Can event spaces accommodate different seating arrangements and configurations?

Yes, event spaces for corporate use are often designed with flexibility in mind and can accommodate various seating arrangements, including theater-style seating, classroom-style seating, boardroom-style setups, U-shaped configurations, and banquet-style arrangements.

Tips for planning a successful Event

Organising an event takes quite a bit of work and time. But if you’ve never put together an event before, you may be at a loss of where to start!

That’s why we’ve put together some quick tips to help you get started with planning a successful event.

  1. What’s the Purpose of Your Event?

Have you established the purpose of your event? If not, the event may not be a success. All events, large or small, need a purpose or a goal. If you’re not sure what the purpose is, attendees may either not come or they will bring expectations of the event that are not fulfilled. Either way that means your event will be a failure.

So, take the time to sit down with colleagues and determine a purpose or goal for your event. Try to come up with ideas on what you hope to achieve with your event. Then it’s sure more likely to be a huge success.

  1. When to Start Planning

An event takes time to plan. Depending on the size of the event, it may take between 6 to 12 months to plan. It can be helpful to establish goals, set the agenda, and budget when there’s plenty of time to get everything done.

  1. Take Time to Plan

Planning takes time. Be sure to consider the logistics, content, and promotion of the event. It can be helpful to create a document for you and the entire team to refer back to. Write down major tasks and break each one down into small steps. Include as many details as necessary for each step.

In addition, consider the time necessary to complete each task on the list. Events usually take about 6 months to plan. This may seem like a lengthy period to get everything done; however, it also gives you plenty of time to ensure no steps are left out.

  1. Create a Budget

Next, determine the budget for your event. Review the list of tasks you created and what each task may cost. And be sure to include funds for those unforeseeable situations that always seem to come up when planning an event.

What’s more, creating a budget ensures you don’t spend more than the business can afford on the event.

  1. The Right Location

Choosing the right location is imperative to the success of your event. Ask yourself these questions to find the right location for your next event:

  • Is the event space easy to reach?
  • Will attendees find parking nearby?
  • Is the event space the right size for the number of participants?

Create a checklist with the services and items your event needs. Choose the venue that best fits your event space checklist.

  1. Services & Amenities

As you go through the process of choosing an event space, remember to consider the services and amenities that are needed. For instance, is connectivity and superfast Internet access needed? Do you require catering services? What about room setup?

Choose an event space that offers the services you need. The best event space includes all services and amenities in the fee charged for the use of the space.

What Else Do We Offer?

Serviced Offices

Event Space


Meeting Rooms

Virtual Offices

"The Royal Quays Business centre is a slick, professional looking modern work space. It has a great communal feel and the staff are very helpful and on hand if you need anything. The offices are light and airy and very clean with access to large and small meeting rooms I have no hesitation in having visitors here. I have taken on one of the offices and can highly recommend the Royal Quays Business Centre."

Mark Vernon

"The building and staff are second to none. From day one I have been made to feel welcome and the facilities are fantastic. I feel very comfortable working here and having clients onsite as there are meeting/board rooms available, all fully equipped for my needs. I would highly recommend the Royal Quays Business Centre."

Paddy Robinson

"I have visited and also hot desked at the Business Centre and was really impressed. It offers very light and airy workspace and meeting rooms at a very competitive price. It has a friendly / professional feel and the communal areas are great space for employees to relax at breaks. Great idea to provide free teas and coffees!"

Jayne Hart

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