Using the coworking space at the Royal Quays business centre

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As a self employed content writer, I am often called on to write articles and online content at short notice, as well as the steady stream of regular work I have writing social media content for a number of small businesses. Juggling time can be as testing as juggling space to work in.
I am self-motivated and have a brilliant cosy workspace at home but there are still multiple distractions on the days I choose to work in it. Those are the days I retreat to my local Starbucks, usually gambling with traffic; the large table being free, and wondering if other Starbucks users will have brought their children along to maximise my distractions. It might be a minor thing but security bothers me too. When ordering another coffee or taking a break, do I need to lock up all of my personal belongings and take them with me, or do I just trust that I can leave them at the table?

A few weeks ago, I saw a Tweet advertising a new office opening in the Royal Quays just ten minutes drive from home- the same distance to that Starbucks. Worth a look, I thought. I spent less than 5 minutes at the Royal Quays Business Centre before I decided this was my new working space.

The cool, airy, modern environment that greets you is as welcoming as the brilliant staff.
Over the coming weeks I will be blogging about what is good and great about the co working space at the RQBC but for now I will settle in.

Thankfully, free tea and coffee and super fast wifi is enough to have me feeling at home, but it’s a home without the distractions.
My Starbucks reward card may not be as healthy as it was a few weeks ago, but my productivity certainly is.

Anji Andrews

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