Why We Love Newcastle

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Newcastle is one of the UK’s most famous cities, and for good reason. It’s known for being one of the UK’s friendliest cities, and one where people are also a bit boisterous and self-confident. Once named “New Capital of Britain” by the Times, just as we find much to love in this place, we’re confident you’ll also come to love this beautiful city.

While there are many reasons to love Newcastle, here are some of the reasons we love this city:

1). Newcastle is a Friendly Place

Geordies (those who hale from Newcastle upon Tyne) are known for being a welcoming people who love visitors. Newcastle was even once voted as Britain’s most friendly city.

If you stop somewhere in the city, such as at a coffee shop or even a bus stop, don’t be surprised if someone near you or in the queue says “Hello.” Shop keepers and wait staff may even ask how you’re day’s been, etc. Don’t be worried—they’re only being friendly!

One more note on Geordies, sometimes their accent is a little hard to understand. So, don’t be afraid or hesitant to ask them to repeat themselves. They’re happy to help you out.

2). History—Newcastle’s Got It!

Going back some 2,000 years, Newcastle’s history dates back to Roman times. In fact, its original Roman name was Pons Aelius, when the city was then a fort on Hadrian’s Wall. Newcastle didn’t receive its current name until it was first implemented sometime during the Norman Conquest.

In the Middle Ages, Newcastle benefited from its location on the River Tyne and the wool trade. During the Industrial Revolution, the heavy industry found a home here, and the city was found to be a great place to build ships and steam trains. During this time, people flocked to the city.

There’s a lot more to the city’s history, but you can see it’s broad and deep. If you love history, you’ll love Newcastle, as we do.

3). Newcastle has a History of Innovations

Not only does the city have a wonderful history, Newcastle’s also famous for its long history of innovations. For instance, consider Stephenson’s Rocket; we’re not referring to an actual space rocket, but an innovative steam engine built around 1929 by Robert Stephenson. Stephenson’s “rocket” was such a success that it was used as a pattern for many steam engines over the next 150 years.

In 1927, a soft drink was created by William Walker Hunter, a pharmacist who lived in Newcastle. The soft drink, called Glucozade, was made of glucose and water, which was carbonated and had a bit of an orange flavor. It was developed to help children when they were ill. Later, in 1983, it was deemed a sports drink.

Did you know the first working electrically powered lightbulb wasn’t built by American Thomas Edison? The first electric lightbulb was created by Joseph Swan. Later there was some dispute about who first developed the electric bulb, because Swan and Edison both demonstrated electric bulbs within a year of one another.

To this day, Newcastle continues to be a hotbed of innovations including 3D printing technology, medical and life science developments, and more.

4). Newcastle is Famous for its Culture

Yes, you read that correctly! The city is known for its love of culture. You’ll find a wealth of artists living in this beautiful place, along with amazing galleries with pieces from all over the world. Some of the UK’s finest galleries are found here including Newcastle University’s Hatton Gallery, Newcastle Art Gallery and the Laing Art Gallery.

The city also features a wealth of theatres, music venues and more. The Theatre Royal is a grand place that opened back in 1788; many people regard this as the leading theatre in England. When it comes to music venues, you’ll find the cosy Cluny Bar that features local groups, and also the Newcastle Arena, which is host to some of the famous music acts in the world.

5). Newcastle has Beautiful Beaches

This is something of a rarity for large cities in Britain, but Newcastle has some beautiful beaches. You’ll find the North East coastline only a metro ride away from the city center. The coast offers some of the UK’s finest beaches, making this area a great place to visit the sea on holiday.

You can enjoy surfing at Tynemouth or enjoy the golden sands of Whitley Bay. Wherever you choose to go along the North East coast, you won’t be disappointed.

6). Newcastle Offers Great Nightlife

Did we mention that when it comes to great nightlife, you’ll find over 200 pubs, bars and nightclubs in this city? The city has what has been described as a “vibrant” nightlife. You’re sure to enjoy clubs such as the Digital. This place was voted the 5th best club in the UK and the 15th in the world by DJ magazine.

7). Newcastle has Football!

Newcastle is home to the United Football Club, and is home to the Geordies, the Toon and the Magpies. When it comes to the “Toon,” you’ll enjoy all the drama and love of the sport.

Geordies love their team and will stay with it no matter what. In fact, these ardent fans are known as the “Toon Army,” and will gather at St. Jame’s Park no matter what to support their beloved team.

8). Natural Beauty Surrounds this Amazing City

Newcastle is known as the gateway to the north. Here, you’ll find the city surrounded by lush green spaces and other areas of awe-inspiring beauty. The city is surrounded by such parks at the North Pennines, North York Moors National Park and more.

If you’d like a retreat from it all, then you’ll be stunned and renewed by the natural spaces of Northumberland National Park.

Have you noticed that Newcastle seems to have it all? It’s true!

9). You’ll Love the Food

Are you a foodie? Then you’re sure to find something to love in Newcastle! You can enjoy cuisine from around the world in this beautiful city. Have a taste for Indian food? Then check out Dabbawal, where you can enjoy Indian street flavors that are sure to tempt your taste buds.

Another great place is the House of Tides, where you can enjoy a find dinner in a 16th century town house. Downstairs, you’ll find a lovely bar and after climbing upstairs, you’ll enter a warm, vibrant atmosphere where you can enjoy a 10-course tasting meal.

If you’d prefer some Italian cuisine, then visit Francesca’s. Here, you’ll find a wonderful ambience and high-quality food with a low price tag.

This is only a short list of the quality restaurants you can find in Newcastle. No matter what you’d food like, you’ll find it here.

10). Best Quality of Life

If you haven’t noticed, Newcastle really does have the best of everything to offer. From the arts and cuisine, to nightlife and the great outdoors, with everything in between, the city has you covered. As a result, Newcastle is one of the best places to live or visit.

With all this going for it, we hope you can see why we love Newcastle so much! This city has everything going for it. If you’re looking for a new place to study, live and work, then be sure to check out everything Newcastle has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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