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Are you searching for flexible commercial property Newcastle? Then you’ve come to the right place! No matter the size of your business, whether you’re a startup or a large business, we have the commercial property you need.

Taking your business to the next level is an exciting time! Your business is growing strong and requires more space. However, when you begin looking at traditional office space or other types of commercial properties, you soon find that the rent is exorbitant, you’re responsible for the utilities and other services, and the lease is only a long-term lease. What happens if things suddenly change and you’d like to scale down? You won’t have that option with a traditional lease.

On the other hand, if you choose to use our commercial properties, you’ll quickly learn that our leases are flexible. You can choose between a short- or a long-term lease, whichever works best for the company.

It’s All About Being Flexible

Here, at the Royal Quays Business Centre, we’re all about keeping things flexible at our commercial property in Newcastle. You’ll find we have a wide variety of business spaces available, and each one comes with our zero hassle promise. What does that mean? It means you can expect to rent a beautiful business space, move in and get to work. It’s that easy. We take care of everything. On move-in day, everything will be set up the way you need it. All you have to do is come in and get to work. What could be simpler?

We carry through on our no hassle promise when you lease one of our spaces. We take care of everything so all you have to do is focus on the business. If anything goes wrong, we’re quick to fix it. We want your business to succeed.

We have over 20,000 feet of prime business space for rent. It’s located in a high-profile business centre in Newcastle. Our spaces are flexible, scalable, and include everything you need to get things done. We’re sure you’ll find that our spaces are perfect for your business.

In addition, we have a hybrid office centre that has everything from serviced offices and coworking spaces, to event space. Our workspaces are able to hold from 1-400 desks, making Royal Quays the perfect choice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and corporate entities. You’ll find we have everything from a single coworking desk to an entire floor customised for your business.

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Why Choose Royal Quays Business Centre?

The answer is short. Because we take care of you and your business. Our goal is to provide you with the commercial property Newcastle you need and can count on. And we stand by our no-hassle promise on everything. We work with our clients in complete transparency and honesty. You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees. Our lease includes some brilliant amenities, too!

Free Parking

On Site Gym

Stocked Kitchen

Dedicated secure IT connection (1000mbps)


Latest Tech

Meeting Rooms


24/7 Access


Online Visitor Management

We were serious about having everything you need to get things done. You can scale your business as needed, as well as count on our support in this great business location. Here, at the Royal Quays Business Centre, located in the middle of Newcastle’s thriving business district, we ensure our flexible leases include plenty of amenities.

Along with our amazing building, you’ll find a wide range of amenities in the area, as well. These include restaurants, shops, and more. Plus, we’re only a short way from the Marina.

In addition, you’ll find that our location makes it easy to hop on to public transport, which includes the bus, train, and more. You’ll also find we have plenty of free parking on the premises.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

We’re glad you asked! We offer a wide range of business space solutions, along with our commercial properties Newcastle.

Coworking spaces: our coworking spaces are designed as collaborative spaces, which also come with our no-hassle promise. The environment is rich and full of vibrant collaboration, innovative ideas, and more. You can work with other business professionals who enjoy working together. Our coworking spaces are a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Here, again, we take care of everything. All you need to do is work and collaborate as desired! You’ll work in a beautiful, energised workspace that will scale your business up.

Serviced offices: here, you can expect the same no-hassle promise with our flexible, scalable serviced and hybrid offices. Our office spaces are able to accommodate up from 1 to 400 desks. This means we’re the right solution for businesses of all types—from freelancers all the up to corporate entities. You can choose from a single desk, or a fully bespoke floor. We have the space to ensure your business has room to grow, too.

Event space: we also provide event spaces, which can accommodate up to 100 people. They’re perfect for trainings, workshops, conferences, and more. Our event space is fully equipped with all the latest tech and everything needed for a successful event. We can customise the space to meet your needs, too.

Meeting rooms: these are perfect for all types of meetings, from a one-on-one consultation, to a larger event. Our meeting rooms also come with everything you’ll need including the latest tech, and more. No matter what, our meeting rooms make a great first impression. They’re able to accommodate from 2-18 people, and we’ll have everything ready and set up for your meeting.

Virtual office: sometimes working from home is better, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Why skip the benefits of having a professional business address? We offer virtual offices that can give your business a boost and create a great first impression. You’ll have an address in the heart of Newcastle’s business district, but without paying the price for an office space. Our services include a professional address, mail and phone calls. You can continue to work at home but enjoy all the benefits that come with our virtual office service.

If you’re convinced, then why not give us a call today! We’re looking forward to working with you!

The Latest Tech

We mentioned our tech earlier, now we’ll share the details with you. Along with all the other amenities at our commercial properties Newcastle, we also strive to provide the latest technology when you move in. We have full IT support, and we offer excellent security and are serious about compliance. Do you need storage? We have that available, too, as well as setups for remote workers, content filtering, and more. You’ll have what you need, we promise.

We understand your business depends on a stable, secure, reliable Internet connection. For this reason, we ensure everything is up and running. You don’t have to worry about dealing with downtime or slow Internet speeds. Plus, we also provide these same excellent services for meeting and events.


Ability to port in existing business numbers


Call centre solutions & call recording for staff training and handling disputes


Marketing numbers available for all UK areas


Full collaboration for webinar, screen share and instant messaging


Mobile, Laptop or PC Clients, vmail to email & remote working

What to Look for in a
Commercial Property

Choosing the right commercial property for your business can be challenging. However, this is a crucial step for scaling your company, so making the right choice is imperative to success.

So, what should you look for in a commercial property? We’ve put together some tips on how to find the right property for your company.


Finding the right location for your business is the first consideration. The type of property and location depends on the type of business you have. Here, look for commercial properties that are close to customers, resources, and suppliers.

Determine the type of property you need and find the best location for your business. There are basically four different types of commercial properties to consider:

  • Retail (includes shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, and more)
  • Leisure: restaurants,  pubs, cinemas, and more
  • Offices: places where you can conduct business, such as for professional services
  • Industrial: warehouses and factories



When you find a commercial property that might be a good fit, it’s imperative to learn about the lease provided. There are many different types of contracts available for commercial properties.

Some contracts may lock you in for a certain period of time, such as one or more years. In that case, what happens if your business outgrows the space? You’re stuck there or end up having to break the lease early, both of which can be costly for your business.

So, you may want to consider commercial properties that offer flexible rolling contracts. Then you won’t be locked into a property you may not like or that doesn’t work for your company.

Growth Potential

When you find a commercial property that looks promising, ask yourself if it will still be a good fit in 5 years. You want to avoid spending time growing your business only to outgrow the space in a year or two.

So, ensure there’s plenty of room to expand in the space. Also, consider the number of employees the company will need over time. Does the commercial property offer enough room to accommodate employees in the future?

If the location seems to be a good one, then look for a flexible lease. This way, you’re covered if your business outgrows the space sooner than you anticipate. Your company won’t end up tied down to the wrong space when it’s trying to scale.


Customisability & On-Site Facilities

When searching for a commercial property, it’s also beneficial to look for properties that are customisable. Some commercial property management facilities may allow you to redo the interior to meet your company’s needs. This may include updating the décor, adding company branding, and more. In some cases, the management facility may even cover the costs of revamping the space. Then you won’t have to pay for it out of pocket.

In addition, look for on-site facilities that your business requires. Do you need access to office equipment, a stocked kitchen, and more? Then find a commercial property that offers these. Don’t forget to see if the facility offers Internet and network access, too. Having access to these services can also save you money.

So, there you have it! Use this quick list to find a commercial property that’s right for your business!

Local Amenities

Royal Quays Business Centre is located right in the heart of the Royal Quays in North Shields, Newcastle. Surrounded by shops, restaurants and other amenities, and only a stones throw from the Marina, we’re sure you’ll love coming to work here every day.

commercial property
commercial properties Newcastle

What Else Do We Offer?

Serviced Offices

Event Space


Meeting Rooms

Virtual Offices

"The Royal Quays Business centre is a slick, professional looking modern work space. It has a great communal feel and the staff are very helpful and on hand if you need anything. The offices are light and airy and very clean with access to large and small meeting rooms I have no hesitation in having visitors here. I have taken on one of the offices and can highly recommend the Royal Quays Business Centre."

Mark Vernon

"The building and staff are second to none. From day one I have been made to feel welcome and the facilities are fantastic. I feel very comfortable working here and having clients onsite as there are meeting/board rooms available, all fully equipped for my needs. I would highly recommend the Royal Quays Business Centre."

Paddy Robinson

"I have visited and also hot desked at the Business Centre and was really impressed. It offers very light and airy workspace and meeting rooms at a very competitive price. It has a friendly / professional feel and the communal areas are great space for employees to relax at breaks. Great idea to provide free teas and coffees!"

Jayne Hart

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North Shields NE29 6DE, UK

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