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Do You Need A Conference Venue Hire In Newcastle?

Planning an important event for your business? Then be sure to visit our Newcastle conference venues. You’ll find we offer amazing spaces in a prestigious location that’s sure to have everything your next business event needs.

We understand that conferences are crucial to your business. Not only does a conference provide an excellent opportunity to network, they’re also an important way to have your brand recognized across the industry. Conferences are likewise essential when it comes effective communication with clients and partners.

The right place to hold a conference is also an essential element of a successful event. If you’re looking for a conference venue in Newcastle, we’re sure that you’ll find our spaces incredible. At Royal Quays Business Centre, our conference spaces provide everything needed for your conference. We care for the success of your event and to that end ensure our spaces create the right atmosphere for your event.

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newcastle conference venue hire

Our Rooms

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Tynemouth Suite

There’s room to accommodate up to 8 people in this beautiful suite. You’ll find the Tynemouth Suite has everything you need for a successful event. It includes lightning fast WiFi, climate control, central charging with enough connectivity points to accommodate your attendees. And the suite is completely soundproofed, which keeps your conference from being disrupted by loud people or sounds. We also provide a catering service if needed. 

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Mariners Suite

This airy suite holds up to 18 people and you’ll have lightning fast WiFi, a wall-mounted plasma screen, along with central connectivity and charging points for all attendees. This suite is also completely soundproofed, and catering is available if required.

What Do You Get with a Conference Venue Hire in Newcastle?

We make sure you have everything you need for your vent. Our conference venues include all the latest in technology, including telephony and the fastest WiFi available.

Along with this, our conference suites also provide you with plasma screens and even flip charges for those important presentations.

When it comes to climate control, we’ve got you covered there, too. Each suite comes with its own climate control, so you have control of how warm or cool the room is. Whether you prefer it warm or cool, you’ll have complete control over the temperature in either suite. 

And catering is available if you need to recharge during the meeting. We offer full catering and refreshment services. We promise you’ll have only the best coffee in Newcastle. If you’re not a coffee-person, we also provide you with the best tea and other refreshments. Or if you need something a little more substantial, we’re here to offer full catering services.

We said you’d everything needed for a successful conference!

Free Parking

Wall Displays

Tea & Coffee

Complete Connectivity

Vibrant Spaces

Why Use One of Our Conference Venue?

We’ve got you covered—you’ll have everything needed to conduct a successful conference. You’ll find our conference venues both energetic and inspiring. No matter if you need to meet with a client, a new partner or conduct a job interview—you can get it done in one of our conference venues.

No matter the size of your business, we can accommodate your conference. Our conference venues offer a great place for entrepreneurs, startups, and larger companies to have that all-important conference. You’ll have a quiet, confidential space to hold your conference.

Our conference venues are modern and flexible, giving you the space to accommodate your meeting with everything needed. No matter the type of conference you’re having, we’ve got you covered.

Annual general meeting: are you preparing for an annual general meeting such as a shareholders’ meeting? Then you’ll need a conference venue to impress. Our conference venues provide you with just the right backdrop and confidentiality to conduct a successful annual meeting of any type.

Workshop: if you’re getting ready to hold a workshop for your company, then you’ll need just the right space to accommodate everyone. By choosing one of our conference venues, you’ll have a space that offers energy and has a positive flow, both of which are needed for a successful workshop. We’ll make sure your space is ready to work for you. You’ll have a space that promotes creativity and has just the right atmosphere to make your workshop a success. Our conference venues can be used for training sessions and more. You’ll find our conference venues have the space you need to get work done. In addition, they provide flexible spaces where you can control everything from the lighting and climate, to the furniture arrangement.

Board room meetings: for these all-important meetings, you’ll find our conference venues are flexible and make a professional statement each time. You can count on access to the latest technology including big screens, the fastest WiFi in Newcastle, and more. With our flexible conference venues, we can create just the right atmosphere to match the message of your meeting. While you may need a formal conference venue, expect your space will be modern and upbeat, and you’ll have an environment that helps you have a successful board meeting.

No matter the type of conference you’re planning, our spaces will work for you. We can accommodate meetings of all types with our flexible conference venues. They can be customised to fit your business needs. You’ll find a conference venue space that’s set up and ready to get your work done. Our conference venues will impress attendees—you’ll be set up for success every time.

How to Plan an Effective Conference

Planning a conference can be challenging! There’s no way around it. So, how can you go about planning a conference? Is there a checklist you can use? What should you consider when planning an event?

We understand you may have many questions about planning a conference, especially if this is the first time you’ve been in charge of planning such an event. We’ve put together a short checklist you can use to ensure your next conference is a huge success!

1. Determine the Purpose

A successful conference has a purpose, a goal. What is the purpose of your conference? If you’re not sure, then it’s helpful to sit down with colleagues and figure out why you want to have a conference and what you want to accomplish.

2. Draft a Budget

Once you have the conference’s purpose, you’re ready to draw up a budget for the event. Here, it can be helpful to create a spreadsheet that lists all the major costs for your conference. List each item. And make a “wish list” on another page. That way, if there’s space in the budget, you can include a few other items that might make your conference even better.

3. Choose a Venue Based on the Budget

Searching for the right venue can be exciting. Each place you visit will have its own unique design, amenities, and more. It can be tempting to think it’s possible to squeeze a little more money into your budget to accommodate a few extras at a venue that seems perfect.

Don’t even be tempted. Instead, stick to your budget!

4. Set an Agenda

Every meeting or conference needs to have an agenda. The agenda determines the order of the event, topics that are covered, and more. The agenda will also include a list of speakers. All pertinent information should be included in the agenda.

Once the agenda is formalised, it can be shared with conference attendees. They can use the agenda as a schedule for when certain speakers are presenting, see the schedule for lunch/dinner, and more.

5. When to Get Started

A conference is a large event that takes time to plan carefully. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start planning the conference about 8-12 months before the event. This is the time to establish goals/the agenda, set the budget, and more.

6. Choose a Location 

About 4-8 months before the conference, it’s time to find the right location. Ask yourself these questions to find the right location for your conference:

  • Is this venue easily accessible?
  • Is the conference facility close to suitable accommodations?
  • Will attendees be able to find parking easily?
  • Is the size of the venue right for the number of attendees?
  • Is the venue available on our preferred event date?

This checklist will be enough to get you started planning an effective conference!

Who We Are?

Royal Quays Business Centre is all about providing our clients with excellent conference venues and other workspaces. You can count on us to provide your services with full honesty and transparency. We understand these are the basis of all successful relationships. 

You can also expect us to be responsive to your business needs. Your happiness is our happiness.

With our conference venues, you can expect all of your business needs to be met. You won’t have to deal with hassles—just focus on running the event, while we take care of the details for you.

We’re here to make your event a success.

We’re ready to work with you on planning your next event. We’ll have everything you need in available in our conference venues! Contact us now—we’re looking forward to talking with you!

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"The Royal Quays Business centre is a slick, professional looking modern work space. It has a great communal feel and the staff are very helpful and on hand if you need anything. The offices are light and airy and very clean with access to large and small meeting rooms I have no hesitation in having visitors here. I have taken on one of the offices and can highly recommend the Royal Quays Business Centre."

Mark Vernon

"The building and staff are second to none. From day one I have been made to feel welcome and the facilities are fantastic. I feel very comfortable working here and having clients onsite as there are meeting/board rooms available, all fully equipped for my needs. I would highly recommend the Royal Quays Business Centre."

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"I have visited and also hot desked at the Business Centre and was really impressed. It offers very light and airy workspace and meeting rooms at a very competitive price. It has a friendly / professional feel and the communal areas are great space for employees to relax at breaks. Great idea to provide free teas and coffees!"

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