A New Business Model for Flexible Workspaces: The Virtual Office

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about large changes to the workplace, and signs are indicating that the virus will be with us for quite a while yet. If you’re in the business of providing flexible workspaces, what effect has the pandemic had on your business?

Changes in the Flexible Workspaces Business

If you’re like most flexible workspace business owners, you’ve probably experienced a decrease in clients and revenue. These reductions have been caused by the need for employees to work remotely from home due to lockdown restrictions.

As a result, some service providers have been offering their clients discounts, or even offering serviced offices. However, these are not always the best choices for each business due to lack of space and the need for employees to continue to work from home due to the pandemic.

If these are not the best options, then what other choices are there? How do you provide a valuable service and keep revenue coming in when everyone is required to stay home during the lockdown?

One idea is to offer a virtual office service. This is a service many are already offering; however, this could be a great choice for businesses who are struggling to bring in money.

Virtual office services are also the right solution for businesses that need a business address, without the requirement for paying for a desk or office space they can’t use right now.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service that allows business owners and their employees to work remotely, while receiving the services they need, along with a prestigious business address. Not only that, but companies also don’t have to pay for a workspace or an office at a time when revenues are down.

A virtual office generally provides the following services:

  • Meeting room time (though this may not be needed right now with everything closed)
  • Business mailbox/address
  • Mail management

How Can Implementing a Virtual Office Service Help Your Business?

Providing this service to clients can help in four major ways:

1). Providing value to your clients

2). Provides your company with a way to draw in new clients

3). Clients may later choose to upgrade from a virtual office to a regular office space or workspace when the pandemic ends

4). Generates more business and income from your meeting rooms (when the lockdown ends)

This is how providing virtual offer services could work:

A business professional, or an organization, needs a virtual address (or a vanity address) for their business. Right now, they aren’t able to take advantage of your workspaces. Your client may only need to use the address as a location, and for receiving mail.

When mail and packages are delivered for your clients, all you have to do it take care of them. The clients may ask you to hold the mail or have it forwarded to their homes. In addition, you can take care of additional items for the clients, such as scanning, shredding information, and forwarding the mail.

It’s up to you as to what additional services to provide. The main thing is that by offering this service, at a time when your revenue is suffering, you can boost your company’s bottom line not only now, but well into the future, too.

Why Would Anyone Need a Virtual Office?

Let us count the reasons! There are many benefits that come with a virtual office including:

Consider the benefit of a mail service for many businesses. Your clients may need a business address to receive mail from their clients and business partners. Or maybe they need that vanity address, as they keep on trying to gain new clients during the pandemic. Either way, offering mail services will be a helpful service to these clients.

Think of it this way. Perhaps you could offer this service for free right now. This would help your clients out during a time their income is also suffering. They would see this as an added value that you’re providing to help them out at a rough time. Later, when the pandemic ends and people head back to offices again, you can start charging for the mail service.

Charging for the mail service also opens up several different options for you to choose from. These options come from the way you choose to provide the mail service. For instance, you could process a certain number of packages and envelopes for a set fee. After that, you could then charge a higher fee for packages and envelopes over that limit. This means more income for your business.

There are many business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and more who just can’t afford a physical office, or maybe they just don’t need the space. What they do need however is a professional business address for their company. Why? Let’s take a look:

  • Credibility for their business: working from a home address doesn’t look professional, and could even be considered shady. A virtual address at a prestigious business location increases their company’s credibility in the eyes of clients and business partners.
  • Safety: it’s much safer to have a virtual business address rather than using a home address. With a home address, there’s the opportunity for people to find your client’s home location, which could be dangerous.
  • Full-time availability: if clients are not able to receive mail at their home or current office location, then a virtual address can be the solution to their problem. This way, they will entrust you with the responsibility of receiving their mail. You not only gain their trust, but your business also gains credibility. Trusting someone with business mail requires a lot of trust. When the service is done well, your business gains the trust of clients, who then may feel more comfortable considering your organization when it’s time to make the change to a real office in the future.


This is a great way to provide a valuable business service, expand your market, and increase your company’s revenue all at the same time. You can also keep this business model moving forward, even once the pandemic ends.

In the end, helping your clients through this rough time, you come out a winner no matter what. This is an excellent way to help both your clients and your business through the pandemic and beyond.

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