Collaboration. It’s not what you know

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Collaboration. It’s not what you know…

“I might pick your brains about that sometime”…

This is a phrase that is often said to me when I tell people I write social media content. I am not an ‘influencer’ nor would I class myself as a digital marketing specialist. In fact what I specialise in most of the time is getting long pieces of content into 280 characters so they fit on Twitter, along with some relevant hashtags!

It struck me today how much of my work comes my way through collaboration and that’s a reason I think the set-up at the Royal Quays Business Centre seems to work so well. I work a few days a week at the RQBS in the co-working area, and most of the time myself and my fellow workers crack on with our individual jobs in hand, often with headphones in and in our own little World. I often take breaks to chat with other co-workers as well as those working within the many offices. There is always someone coming, going, meeting others or looking around. I enjoy finding out what businesses others are working on and it’s always nice to be able to offer start-ups some help or advice when it comes to content writing. 

The open spaces and break out areas are so great for collaborative moments, and you don’t have to go far (few steps maybe) to find a quiet area to grab a coffee with someone and chat an idea over. I see and overhear moments like these all the time. As well as a conference room, a meeting room and two large seminar rooms on the same floor as the offices, there’s a spacious kitchen and two comfy seating areas to catch up with fellow workers. 

Isn’t the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” just right for collaboration and co-working?  


Anji Andrews

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