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If you could understand more about what goes on in the brains of your customers do you think it would help you to sell more?

Neuroscientists are increasingly able to understand how our brains function and influence our behaviour and decisions through their research, and their work can be used directly in the sales arena to gain a commercial advantage. The research shows that if you follow certain guidelines throughout the sales process, your communication will be optimised for the brain of the recipient, and they will come to a decision more easily and quickly.

When sales messages are optimised for the brain they can be described as ‘brain-friendly’, and this is the essence of Neuro-selling. It is our aim to help help you to craft your sales message so that it is brain-friendly for your customers.

When your message is brain-friendly you will sell smarter and you will sell more.

You will learn:

• What is going on in the minds of your customers

• How to grab and keep the attention of your customers

• How to optimise your message content for the brains of your customer

• How to target your message with pinpoint accuracy to the Primal Brain

*There will pastries tea and coffee provided from 0830