Now’s the Best Time to Start a Business in Newcastle

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Newcastle isn’t just a great place to live, it’s also a great play to start a new business. Once known as an industrial city, Newcastle has become one of the best cities in the UK. You’ll find the city’s industrial heritage intriguing, enjoy a brew of the finest brown ale, and here what’s known as the “Geordie” dialect.

This is a city that knows how to adapt, successfully reinventing itself from the time of the Romans today. What could better than starting a business in a hub where you can find a multi-million-pound science and development quarter? And it’s more than science Newcastle has to offer. The city also welcomes entrepreneurs from a wide range of business sectors.

If you’re looking for a great city to make a home for your business, then Newcastle is the place to be. Let’s take a look at why this city would be a great place for your company.

Improved Quality of Life

The city offers so much for both your personal life and business. For instance, Newcastle was named one of the happiest places to live in Europe back in 2016. Individuals were asked if they were happy living in Newcastle. Their response, as you may have guessed, was yes, they were quite happy.

What’s more, housing prices are more affordable. Zoopla, the property website, took in several factors to make this determination. They reviewed property prices, deposit amounts, and stamp tax duty relief. Newcastle was ranked the 15th place for housing affordability.

Newcastle also had great schools for kids, with 28 schools in the area to choose from. This also makes the area a draw for young families and business professionals who are just in their prime working years.

And if you love nature, the city offers plenty of beautiful parks, too. There’s the Town Moor, which is a great place for kids to play and run. It’s also host to events dealing with children’s issues. You’ll also find Exhibition Park, which includes croquet lawns and crazy golf. No matter what type of park you prefer, you’ll find it in Newcastle.

The city also has a very low crime rate, making it one of the safest cities to live in within the UK.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy more than just a beautiful city. Newcastle is filled with culture, entertainment, and more. How is this a benefit for your business? With lower crime rates, fast broadband speeds, and more, Newcastle draws people in.

The city not only draws people to live here; it brings in tourists, as well. This sector is one of the largest in the north east.

Plus, it’s an excellent place for business events such as Newcastle Restaurant Week and Newcastle Fashion Week.

Access to the Best Talent Around

The city boasts two universities – Northumbria University and New Castle University, making Newcastle an important source of business talent. Not only that, but you’ll find a range of talent across several disciplines and business sectors.

Newcastle University also provides businesses with collaborative efforts. These include development and training, R&D, plus access to laboratories fitted out with the latest devices and tech. You’ll have the opportunity to access top talent right in the city, with over 67,000 people of working age.

This makes recruitment costs lower, which means finding the right employees for your company is much easier and more cost-effective than in other parts of the UK.

Newcastle Offers Strong Business Support

The benefits don’t stop with access to top talent! You’ll find plenty of support for your new business in Newcastle. How does this translate for your company? The city offers practical support, investment options, as well as advice on how to grow your business in this beautiful city.

You can find tons of information funding at the North East Growth Hub, for instance. They offer assistance with accessing funding grants and loans. They also provide business support programs, and more. This organisation wants your business to succeed, especially in these challenging times. You’ll have access to support and relevant information for your business.

More business support is offered by The Business and Intellectual Property Centre. They provide free information and advice focused on small- to medium-sized companies. You’ll receive specialised help to understand all about intellectual property and more. They offer a huge library of databases, magazines, and more to help you learn about innovative markets, products, and trends. What’s more, they also provide workshops and events where you can hear from the experts. And you’ll have access to experts in residence who can provide advice and guidance on various business topics.

Additional resources include:

Scaleup North East: they provide mentoring, as well as peer-to-peer support for businesses that want to succeed.

PNE Enterprise: this is an award-winning local enterprise agency that provides a business growth program, along with a fully paid 3-day residential course on boosting your business.

TEDCO: this organisation provides support for startups, which includes support, funding advice, and more.

The Business Energy Saving Team (BEST): works with businesses to save money on energy costs, as well as making their business environmentally friendly.

As you can see, there’s plenty of support offered in Newcastle when it comes to new businesses.

Excellent Transport Links

Every new business needs to have great transport links, which Newcastle also offers. The city boasts Central Station, which can take you almost anywhere in the UK. With plenty of connections to Edinburgh, Leeds, and Manchester, you won’t lack from being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Your business customers and partners will also find it easy to travel to you.

Then there’s Newcastle’s International Airport, which is only 6.5 miles from the city centre. The airport offers flights all over the UK, with direct service to London. It also travels to Europe and international destinations around the world.

As you can see, Newcastle has a lot to offer your new business – from support to quality of life and more. This is the best city to start a business, and we’d have to add it’s also the best city to live in.

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