Office Design Trends Inspire Around the World

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We live in a global community where cultures come together in almost every aspect of our lives, including office design trends. Companies and organisations around the world deal with similar problems such as the ongoing process of integrating new technology, communications, and more.

Even when faced with similar problems, organisations may have similar goals with office design trends, but the smaller, regional differences are still found within these concepts.

These differences are especially noticeable in two countries who share the same root yet are highly different from one another. Consider the UK and the US. In the US, space is usually not a problem. The reason? There’s plenty of space to be had for commercial development. As a result, the cost of offices is lower than in the UK, though the differences narrow when considering major cities in the US, especially those home to tech firms.

The Challenges & Differences in Ideology

Both the US and the UK are considered pioneers of workplace design trends over the last century. Even in the last decade, from the beginning of the 90s, these two countries have led the world in modern workplace design trends.

From that time, the workplace as experienced major innovations when dealing with changing workforce; more employees are working remotely than ever before. The result is workspaces that are more open, inspired and developed by countries such as Australia and the Netherlands.

With these changes, companies and organisations have also been coping with changing social interactions in the workplace, which has led to the development of communities within buildings shared by not one, but many businesses.

From Local Context to Global Changes and Inspiration

Many of these changes have been brought about by changes that first occurred at a local level. These changes have brought about new ways of looking at the workplace. The focus is on employee productivity, new working practices, along with the shortage of employees across a wide range of sectors.

As a result, the job market has become more competitive. Office space, and the costs associated with a commercial property, have risen in some locations, especially in areas of London (where the cost of renting can be extremely high).

The UK vs the US

The UK has seen some great innovative methods for management of facilities, and office design. This country has the forward-thinking drive to attempt these changes, but must also deal with some specific challenges, along with highly difficult conditions. These factors ultimately drive innovation in the UK.

The US, on the other hand, is driven to innovation due to the country’s ability to take on the possibility of examining new ideas and concepts, researching them, and then developing practical methods to implement these solutions. Innovation is driven by challenges, but not exactly by the same challenges seen in workplaces in the UK.

Think of some of the greats of American architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Frederick Taylor, Abraham Maslow, Frederik Herzberg, Robert Propst, and others. Over many decades, these figures brought about changes and innovation in management, understanding what motivates employees, while also caring for their wellbeing. This has led to many changes in the workplace and office design trends.

The ideas of these great designers and other pioneers continue to inspire and affect our modern workplaces.

Bringing Innovation into the 21st Century

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, global leaders including the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and the US continue to lead the way to innovations in workplace design. While they lead the world in workplace changes, regional design trends and innovations from other parts of the world have a direct impact our modern workspaces, as well.

As we continue into this century, it has become obvious that there is a global coming together, a movement where countries and organizations discover insights from one another. When it comes to office challenges, offices around the globe are facing similar issues such as sustainability, dynamic, flexible workspaces, and more. The focus is also on productivity and the wellbeing of employees who work for these companies.

While there are small differences found around the world, all of us are facing the same issues. Even so, the established trend is that we learn from one another through the communication and sharing of ideas, with the goal of all coming together in agreement on those aspects of office design that are the most important. Namely, the wellbeing of the humans who work in our office spaces.

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