Ways You Can Make A Small Office Better

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Working from home can be challenging, there’s no doubt about that. But it can be more challenging if you’re working in a small office space. So, how do you manage to make a small space seem bigger?

Be a Minimalist

The answer is to become a minimalist, at least to some degree. Look around your space right now. Do you find it inspiring? Is it cramped? Are there a lot of “things” all over the place? Does it feel as if the area’s too crowded with stuff?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then becoming a minimalist is probably the best way to spruce up your space, make it feel more pleasant/inspiring, as well as larger. So, you’ll need to start going through your things and deciding what can stay in your workspace, and what needs to go or be put away.

Look around your workspace. Do you really need that elephant sculpture on the desk or shelf? Are those books beneficial to your work, or are they only taking up space?

Go through everything in the workspace and categorise them. The easiest categories to use are “keep,” “toss,” and “store.” This way you can still keep those sentimental items you can’t bear to part with, but they won’t make your space look cluttered. Anything in the “toss” category can be either trashed or if an item is still in good shape you may want to consider donating it.

Those things you want to keep will then be put in their own designated spaces. But remember, the goal is to declutter your space and make it look larger.

Use Colour and Texture to Define Walls

If you’re working in a room that’s used for other purposes, such as a kitchen or bedroom, then defining your workspace is a bit more challenging. But there are some steps you can take to define your workspace. Here are some examples:

  • ïConsider using different wall texture in your workspace, for example brickwork.
  • ïWall art is another great way to define a space.
  • ïColours can also create more definition; you may want to consider painting the walls of your workspace with a different colour.
  • ïDrapes are another great way to define and separate a space or corner.

Find what works for your space and then go with it. Having a defined workspace makes it much easier to focus and be productive.

Use Smart Lighting

Having plenty of light to work by is another great way to add some life to your workspace, as well as helping you feel more energetic.

Does your workspace have a window? Then you may want to think about placing your desk in such a way that you can grab more natural light. However, it’s important to avoid creating glare on your eyes and the screen. So, try placing your desk to face the north or south.

If the room doesn’t have much natural light, then you can add light that feels more natural. You can do this by using LED lights with smart. Smart lighting is becoming more affordable and it’s easy to install. Once you’ve chosen a smart lighting system, all you need to do is connect it to your favourite home assistant (such as Google Home, Alexa, and more). Then you can program the lighting colour temperature to your preferences.

For instance, going with a blue light in the morning helps you to wake up, while a warm light helps you relax. Just choose the colour temperature that’s best for you. And remember to keep the lighting and your desk placement to avoid causing glare.

Don’t Forget Mirrors

Mirror are another way to make a room or space feel larger, as well as use your lighting to the best effect. For instance, consider placing a mirror (or mirrors) on opposite walls, facing each other. This works to cast light around the room or space.

Another option is to position mirrors opposite a light source, which works to reflect light back. This is a great way to make any space look larger.

You could also create a mirror that looks like window. Not only does this make the space look larger, it’s also a psychological boost when you can see something pretty while working. Just be sure to create a scene that’s pleasing—something with plants, and more.

Use Vertical Space

In many rooms, vertical space tends to go unused. So, consider adding some shelves or other types of storage to the workspace. You’ll have a place to put things you want to keep, store important documents, and more.

Shelves should be of a size that doesn’t dominate the room. You’ll also need to ensure the shelves stay neat and tidy, rather than crammed with stuff.

Another option is to use hooks or horizontal railings to the walls. Why? These can be used to hang baskets or other creative containers. You can use them store many types of things, but still keep them neat.

Consider if a pinup board might make sense in your workspace. This is a great way to keep notes organised, pin your favourite photos of family/friends, destinations you’d like to visit, and more.

Organise Those Cables

Cables can make any workspace seem messy and cramped. Plus, they can be dangerous if they’re trailing across the floor or are dangling from a shelf. It can be so disruptive when you go to move the computer mouse, only to find there are cables laying over it!

So, if you’re in this situation, then it’s time to get those cables under control. You can get them in order by first unplugging everything. And we do mean everything—headphones, PC cables, and more. Now, with everything unplugged, go through and label each wire and cable. This way you’ll know what’s what. That’s part of the organisation process.

When you have that done, then begin plugging things in one at a time. Plug electronics into the nearest power socket or power strip. As you do this, make sure to coil and wrap each cord. You can use small rubber bands in different colours or go with Velcro or zip ties. These are inexpensive and easy to find in almost any store. The goal is to keep the cables from trailing all over the place again.

Next, if you see any dangling wires, then consider attaching them to furniture to keep them safely out of the way.

When you’re finally done with all the changes needed, take a step back. Does your space look bigger and neater? If so, good job! Now you’ll have a comfortable, defined workspace where you can get things done!

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