What to Look for in a Commercial Property

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Looking to lease a commercial property is a huge decision for your business. There are a number of things to consider when looking for the right commercial property.

The Budget

The first place you’ll need to start is by considering your company’s budget. How much can you afford to pay to lease a commercial property? If you don’t know the answer to that question, then this is where you’ll need to start before searching for a property.

Go over your budget and calculate exactly what you can spend on a lease. You may choose to consider a range of prices, with a minimum and maximum payment. No matter what, stick to the amount calculated when it comes to rental payments.

When you’re searching for the right property, it’s very tempting to consider going over the budget when you find a place that’s just perfect. But it’s crucial to avoid going over budget. The success of your business depends on it. For instance, what if business slows down, and there’s not as much money coming in? If you’re already over budget on the rent, then it may be necessary to consider another move. This only disrupts the business and could lead to further losses.

So, stay on budget as you search for the right commercial property.

Conduct Thorough Research

You’ll want to ensure to conduct thorough research when looking for the right commercial property. This means it will be necessary to consider some essential data points including:

  • Property details: identify property types that would be a good fit for the company
  • Create a team: it may be helpful to create a team to help with this process
  • Analyze the numbers: are there any risks with the property?

Only with thorough research will you be able to find the right commercial property for your business.

The Location

Location is another important aspect to consider when looking to lease a commercial property. Depending on the type of business you have, it may be necessary to have a location that’s close to customers, clients, or even resources needed to run the business.

In addition, consider how far employees may have to travel to work. The longer they have to travel, the more challenging the commute will be. This makes for unhappy employees, which could lead to high rates of employee turnover. So, look for a location that’s easily accessible to most employees.

Look for a commercial property that’s centrally located, with easy access to public transportation and motorways.

Amenities in the Area

Another consideration is the type and number of amenities in the area near the commercial property. Amenities are important for employees and guests who visit your business premises.

Where will employees go out for lunch? Where will you be able to take guests for a business dinner? These are important questions.

Look for a mix of restaurants, pubs, shops, and more. This way, employees will be happy and you’ll have some excellent choices for entertaining clients and guests.

The Lease

When you find commercial properties that may be a good fit, it will be necessary to consider the lease. Does the lease lock you in for a specific timeframe? If so, what is that? Then, how much is the rent, when it is due, and more. In addition, you’ll need to find out how the property can be used, which should be included in the lease.

  • For instance, can you use the outside area for storage?
  • Do you have right of way for trucks and other equipment?

In addition, the lease should stipulate any planning permission rules that may determine the type of business that can be operated on the property.

Next, you’ll need to consider when the lease ends. What will be necessary when the lease ends? Is it renewable? Do you have the right to sublet?

And what about repairs and maintenance? You’ll definitely need to understand who is responsible for repairs and maintenance to the property.

Knowing the details of the lease are essential for your business. You don’t want to be caught off-guard. Experts recommend looking for commercial properties that have a flexible lease, which doesn’t lock you in for long periods. Plus, they may also cover repairs and maintenance, which can save your business money.

Room to Grow

In your search for the right commercial property, remember to consider the future. For instance, consider where your company could be in 2-5 years. Do you foresee growth? If so, then you’ll need to find a commercial property that offers your business growth potential.

This means the space needs to be a good fit now, but also have room for your business to grow. Be sure to keep in mind the number of new employees that may be needed, as well as the space for their workstations, and more.

The key is to find a commercial property that will grow with you as the company expands.


This is another important consideration when looking for the right commercial property. If you’re short on money, then you may want to opt for a property that is ready to move into. And with a flexible lease, it may also allow you to renovate the interior as needed when your company grows.

Look for the most cost-effective solution for your business. Remember to stick to the budget you’ve allowed for rent. The goal is to find a commercial property that keeps your company financially strong.

On-site Facilities

Look for a commercial property that offers you access to on-site facilities. These can include business hubs, a café, breakout rooms, broadband access, and more. It’s essential to ensure these on-site facilities are a good fit for your company and industry.

With the right research and keeping in mind what your business requires, it will be no problem to find the right commercial property. You’ll have the best of all worlds by keeping these tips in mind. In fact, why not consider using this article as a checklist? Then you’ll have a handy guide when out searching for the best commercial property for your business.

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