How Can Hot Desking Work For Your Business?

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Hot desking is becoming a popular choice for a large number of businesses. Are you familiar with hot desking? If not, then we’ll take a quick look at what hot desking is, the benefits it can bring a business, and whether or not this is the best option for your business.

What is Hot Desking?

This trend has been around for a while and involves the use of multiple desks for workers on different shifts or schedules, rather than everyone working at the same time in a traditional office space. Hot desking can be an affordable option for using space, too.

This is a flexible workspace option where employees are not assigned to specific desks. Instead, they may choose to sit where they’d like, depending on what desks are available at any specific time. No formal reservation system is used for hot desking. You simply show up and find a place to work each time.

What Types of Businesses Benefit from Hot Desking?

Hot desking isn’t the right option for every business, but it can work for businesses:

1). Companies looking to reduce costs: using coworking spaces not only makes better use of office space, but it also reduces costs of running a business, especially when compared to operating in a traditional office. Overhead is reduced by quite a bit in a hot desking environment.

2). Companies that are growing quickly: for companies that are going through a fast growth spurt, they may quickly outgrow their office space. This can lead to problems with where to place desks, personnel and more. There’s no space to grow and moving can be expensive. On the other hand, hot desking provides a flexible option that allows a business to scale up or down as needed, without all the expense and hassle of moving to a new office.

3). Businesses with employees in different locations: today, more businesses are hiring employees in different locations, making it unnecessary to relocate personnel, which can be very expensive. Hot desking also provides a cost-effect solution to renting a traditional office. Employees can work in a coworking environment where all costs are included in one monthly payment. The company saves money having to rent, furnish and pay utilities for a traditional office.

As you can see, can fit a wide variety of businesses. Many businesses will find this a cost-effective solution that provides them with the flexibility needed in today’s markets and industries.

Are there other benefits to hot desking? Yes! Let’s take a look.

Main Benefits of Hot Desking

Hot desking does indeed provide additional benefits including the following.

Decluttering: when you walk through a traditional, established office, it’s common to see some messiness everywhere. When employees are used to working at an assigned desk, they treat it was their own. This can mean that some people become lax in keeping their areas nice and tidy, which can cause distractions for others who are distracted by mess.

On the other hand, hot desking makes everyone become tidy and more orderly. Not only that, but they become more minimalist, too. Hot desking means it’s not possible to decorate a workspace with personal touches. And everyone has to put things away when they leave. The environment is therefore more orderly and tidy than that found in a traditional office. By removing clutter, everyone has more energy and is able to focus on their work, rather than be distracted by the mess.

Switching up the work environment: another issue with a traditional office is that not everyone works well in the same type of environment. For instance, some people may need to have a quiet spot, where they can focus on tasks. If they’re near people who are constantly chatting on the phone, listening to loud music, and more, they are distracted by all of this. These people who need quiet then aren’t able to work as efficiently. This is only one simple example of what can happen when people aren’t comfortable in the work environment.

When working in a hot desking environment, employees have the chance to switch up their environment by moving to a different area. That person who needs quiet to focus on their work can move to a pod for privacy, or a meeting can be held in a meeting room, rather than in the same room where everyone’s working. Hot desks provide more flexible working arrangements so people can even change up their day a bit. Maybe they need more quiet to focus in the morning, but need more people around to keep them awake in the afternoon! Hot desking makes all of this possible.

Improve collaboration: another great benefit of hot desking is the improvement of collaboration amongst employees. In a traditional office, people tend to work on their own, within their own small workspace. They may be divided from their team members by walls, partitions, and more. All of this makes it more challenging to collaborate.

However, in a hot desking environment, collaboration is encouraged. This office solution provides employees with the flexibility to flow and come together for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Your company will benefit from free-flowing collaboration, which also helps to increase creativity and productivity.

Are There Disadvantages to Hot Desking?

One of the biggest disadvantages to hot desking is that not everyone enjoys the flexibility in this type of office. There are people who need and want the comfort and security offered by their own workspace. Forcing them into a hot desking environment make cause them undue stress, and a loss in productivity.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to able to have conversations with those who are not comfortable with hot desking. These employees need to feel heard, as well as supported. In addition, it’s also a good idea to try to find alternative working solutions that may be a better fit for such employees.

Another disadvantage is that hot desking can make it difficult for employees to find one another. This is because there are no assigned workspaces. To get around this problem, it might be necessary to adopt communication tools such as Slack in order to connect.

Hot desking can offer many benefits to a company when adapted in the right way. Not only can a business save money, but it can take advantage of the free-flow of information and creativity, which can lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

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