Why Are Flexible Office Space Options Popular For Business?

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Many businesses are now considering how to handle the return to work once the pandemic ends. However, the world is facing a time of great uncertainty and changes, which make traditional offices and leases feel like a huge commitment companies are not comfortable taking.

For this reason, there’s been a drive to move from traditional leases and spaces to more flexible solutions. Flexible office spaces make it easy to move in and get to work. They’re also amazing for setting up networking events, providing brilliant amenities, and more.

What’s more, businesses of all types & sizes across various sectors are choosing more flexible office spaces. Companies are finding that flexible office solutions provide them with the necessary agility to meet market demands, as well as the ability to scale as needed.

Uncertainty Leads to Flexible Contracts

It’s due to all the uncertainty we’re currently facing that many businesses are choosing more flexible office spaces. Caution rules these days when it comes to major business decisions such as where to locate the company.

All of this is working to make flexible contracts and workspaces more attractive to businesses. With the more flexible solution, companies find they can remain agile and update their business plans as needed. Not only that, a flexible space and lease also provide businesses with more freedom in the long run.

Scaling is also possible, whether that be up or down, with a flexible office solution. It’s for these reasons many businesses are choosing to go with flexible spaces and leases.

What Comes with a Flexible Office Space?

Flexible office spaces come with a wide variety of services, perks, benefits that make them more attractive to businesses. Of course, the main draw is the flexible lease, which makes it easier to commit to an office space.

Not only are the spaces “made for you,” but they’re also created to improve everyone’s wellbeing. This means flexible office spaces cater to that wellbeing with on-site gyms, yoga studios, and more. Employees can stay in shape, invigorate their minds and bodies, which leads to increased satisfaction o the job, as well as an increase in productivity.

What’s more, flexible workspaces also provide access to fully stocked kitchens, where everyone can grab some great coffee and a healthy snack. If they forget their lunch at home, they can put something together in the kitchen. In addition, flexible office spaces even offer beautiful breakout rooms, where employees and others can go to relax and get away from work for a while.

All of these changes in what comes with the lease mean businesses get more value for their money, as well as better work environments for their employees.

Relocation and Fitouts Take Time

Businesses that are dealing with fitouts and relocation may experience major downtime for their companies during the move. This can lead to delays in supply chains, being inaccessible for customers, and more.

On the other hand, with a flexible office space, there are usually no delays. The space can be readied quickly, with move-in fast and easy. Companies then don’t have to worry about major disruptions to business operations. Everything is smooth and fast when moving into a flexible office space.

The Agile Working Model

As more businesses return to the office, social distancing guidelines will ensure the number of employees is cut. This means many companies will find they need space for employees who will not be allowed back to work in the office.

For companies looking for additional space, flexible office solutions will be the best answer. They can choose a flexible lease to get through this interim period. However, they may find it better to continue with lower numbers of people in one office for quite some time. In this case, the flexible workspace provides a cost-effective solution for the rest of their employees.

Businesses may also find it beneficial to create satellite offices near employees’ homes. These hubs could easily take care of those who will not be able to return to the regular office.

This is a time when businesses are being forced to become more agile and find creative solutions to get through these changing times. Flexible workspaces are a great answer to their needs.

Restructuring & Project Space

All of this means businesses are finding it necessary to restructure and change the way they conduct business. It won’t be “business as usual” for quite some time. Not only is tech driving these changes, but the pandemic and the need to work from home are also behind the restructuring that’s taking place.

Is Your Business Looking for Flexible Workspaces?

Is your business looking for flexible workspaces? Then why not consider Royal Quays Business Centre for your next office location?

We offer a wide range of flexible office spaces, including:

  • ïServiced offices
  • ïEvent space
  • ïCoworking spaces
  • ïMeeting rooms
  • ïVirtual office services

Along with our office solutions, we also offer flexible leases. You can choose from short- or long-term leases, whichever is best for your business. You’ll have complete flexibility, with the ability to stay agile in these changing times.

What’s more, we maintain a low desk density. This means we work hard to create a safe, healthy space for you and your employees.

Our flexible office spaces also include everything you need to operate your business. You won’t need an in-house IT department; instead, you’ll have access to our secure and stable IT network. It’s one of the fastest around at 1000mbps. And you won’t have to worry about finding parking spaces. We provide plenty of parking, and the cost is included in the all-inclusive monthly fee.

The monthly fee also includes other amenities such as reception services, 24/7 access, and much more. With all of this, you can expect responsive service every time. If there’s a problem, let us know, and we’ll be on it fast.

If you have questions about our office spaces and services, then contact us today! We’ll help you find the best office solution for your business, one that keeps you agile and ready to scale in these changing times.

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